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Like you, we are a small business. We understand and value the importance of healthy working relationships between ourselves and those who make what we do possible. For more information on what we can do for you and your business, please give one of us a call. All of our mobile numbers are listed on the TEAM page. If our hands are full, we will call you back as soon as we are free. 

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What about in an emergency?

Day or night there is a vet available to help you.

During the day: Call through to your local office, they will take your details and work out which vet is nearest to you. ( Thame: 01844 260 616 or Wantage: 01235 429 767)

Out of Hours: Again, call the Office number, this is forwarded to the On Call Vet- there will be a vet at the end of that phone, even if you just need some advice, day and night. Please remember, out of working hours, if the vet does not answer the phone, its likely to be because they have their hands full- leave a message, and then call the same number back immediately and they will acknowledge you need urgent help, and call you back as soon as they can. 


TB Testing 

To book in your TB Test please call your local branch: 

Thame: 01844 260 616  or Wantage: 01844 429 767 

It really helps the Office staff if you are able to give them the WSA number for your test (on the letter you have been sent). 

We have recently invested in 3 TB Master Comtags, here is a bit of information on the Comtags and what they do: 

1. The Comtag machine looks like an overgrown Blackberry mobile phone (if you remember what they were!) It has a screen, and a keyboard. 
2. The Comtag machines are owned and paid for by us- there is no charge to the client for us using them on your TB Test.
3. As a practice we own 3 of them, and they will be allocated to the biggest TB Tests we have on that day.
4. Before your TB test we have to produce a list of the animals on your holding using the government website SAM (This has to be done regardless of whether the test is on paper or a Comtag). With the Comtag the exact same process is followed, except the list of animals is put straight onto the machine, instead of printed out onto paper. 
5. On the day of your test the Comtag is used instead of the usual paper records. You type in the last 4 digits of the animal's number and it will find the record for you. You then type in the skin measurements, just the same as you would if you were writing it down. (Eliminating flicking rapidly through soggy pieces of paper, trying to read numbers in tiny font)
6. On the day your test is read- you follow the exact same process- type in the animal number, type in the new skin measurements, done.

WHAT IF.... 
Two animals have the same last 4 digits?
Dont worry- the machine is very clever and designed to deal with issues like this- it's an easy problem to resolve. 
It's raining? 
Fear not- these machines are designed to work outside- and will fair a lot better than paper would in the rain. 
The battery runs out? 
We always carry an emergency paper copy with us (This copy has 150 animals per page instead of the usual 20, so we are doing our best to save trees).
There is a discrepancy in the number of animals on the holding? We can put data in manually too, just as we would if we were working on paper.

We made the decision to use the Comtag machines to make TB Testing easier for everyone involved. For us it means less time inputting data onto the computer, as it can be uploaded instead. For you it means a faster test, less man power is needed, and less stress!

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