Contact NorCal

Our opening hours for our two branches can be found under the location tab.

We offer 24 hour emergency assistance and advice, just call the office (01844 260 616) and you will be re-directed to the Duty Vet.

Direct mobile numbers and email addresses for all our vets can be found under the Vet Team tab. 

Latest News

*Changes to our Email*

Don’t worry emails you send to the old address will still reach us! Emails for the office or general attention can be sent to: or

The fulltime vets now have their own accounts- details can be found on the Vet Team page. 

There will be confirmed details to follow on the up and coming meeting for this year, topics will include:

Preparing for the 2018 Game Season
Grassland Management
Beef- Breeding for the future

Some new information on our Comtag machines can be found on the services page- have a read, and give us a call to book your test in.